Datathon2020 – NetInfo Article Recommender – Solution – nextClick

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Giving a recommendation to the user to catch his eye on and meet his preferences is essential task for a recommendation system. The amount of data is increasing significantly and the idea is to get some knowledge from it. Taking advantage of user similarities or news similarities will provide useful information to predict which article will the user find interesting.

Datathon 2020 – NetInfo Article Recommender – Newbies

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The project aims to build a recommender system for the website called As the company runs to serve its huge customer base (as clear from the given data!) completely and for their best interests. And in order to do that it wants to recommend its users with articles that they should read next (based on mimicking their reading pattern). This is expected to save a lot of its users’ time in thinking. Also, with better and faster recommendations come people’s interest and that results in the company’s growth. The Company actually has a huge customer base. So, providing them with what they might like can really help it in making good money.

NewsCo: rapid non-parametric recommender algorithm for NetInfo news articles

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Business understanding¶Online news reading has become very popular as the web provides access to news articles around the world. A key challenge of news websites is to help users find the articles that are interesting to read. The purpose of a recommender system is to suggest relevant items to users. Recommender systems can generate a […]