Reinforce Learning in Optimizing Supply Chain For Kaufland

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This article is a work in progress. We are a team of two and we just started exploring the dataset. Below is a link to Github –   In [1]: import pandas as pd import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import seaborn as sns In [2]: r=pd.read_csv(‘sales.csv’) masterdata=pd.read_csv(‘item_lookup.csv’) In [3]: r.head() Out[3]: item_id the_date sold_qty 0 40001260 1/2/2019 7 […]

Minimizing logistical transportation expenses of Retail Supply Chain

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Business Understanding As you know,lots of companies,related to logistics system,are having troubles with managing their finances,when it comes to transporting and ordering.There are tons of problems and unnecessary costs,that are driving executives crazy.But the main problem,that is causing the most biggest pain to these companies,IS Transportation Expenses.Just imagine how much billions(if not trillions) dollars would be […]


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Datathon 2020 Kaufland – Optimize Retail Supply Chain   Team Name: Raven Delivery Authors Borislav Aymaliev Gabriela Vasileva Irina Naskinova Zainab Lawal  Team Toolset Python, Pandas, MySQL Excel Kaufland  dataset   Business Understanding Client –  Kaufland  In the innovative era we find ourselves in today,we have the ability to not only optimise cost by predicting […]