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Community for Data Science professionals. Learn and share knowledge. Find work projects and work talent. Build online reputation.

We bring together Data scientists through community driven meetups.

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Technical meetups

We provide a platform and a process for organizing industry meetups. The process is democratic and community driven.

  • The topics are chosen in a voting campaign among the topics that the community has talent for
  • The speaker for the particular topic is chosen with a democratic poll
  • The speaker is given enough time to prepare the talk
  • The meeting is held
  • Visitors provide feedback to the speaker helping him build his skills and reputation

Online Community platform

We believe that there is a definite need for an online social platform to bring together data science professionals. Our vision is that such a platform should provide:

  • Knowledge sharing through Q&A module, WIKI and forums
  • Build online reputation based on quality of created content and performance as a speaker at live events
  • Project marketplace for connecting enterprises with the right person or team for getting the job done
  • Research Project marketplace for connecting the scientists with the appropriate enterprise


 Foster closer relationship and collaboration between the academic and the business world.


Improve communication through meetups and online community platform

Knowledge Sharing

Learn and share expertise and knowledge both online and at industry meetups.

Business opportunities

Provide opportunities for networking and new business projects.

Foster Research

Encourage scientists and enterprises to collaborate on shared challenges and projects.

Public awareness

Catalyze the market for more data science driven solutions with wide media coverage

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Data Science Society

Data Science Society

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